Editio Cisraritana

When we prepare parts and scores for our own use in performing and teaching, we can, as licensing and copyright restrictions permit, make make them available for use by others. While these normally will have been prepared from the most reliable sources available to us, they generally should not be regarded as full critical editions.

To start with, here is Samuel Scheidt’s Canzon a 5 voc. super O Nachbar Roland, SSWV 66 (file size, 10 MB): full score, parts in string clefs (suitable for either viol consort or string quintet), and the continuo part printed five ways, one of which is sure to make your continuo player happy (part with figures, part with figures and blank staff for sketching continuo realization, part with blank staff and short score in string clefs, part with blank staff and short score in choral/wind clefs [for continuo players who have trouble with alto clef], full score with blank staff). Original cleffing of the 1611 string parts, by the way, was TrSATB. The canzona can be also played without the continuo part, which is mostly a (sometimes simplified) basso sequente derived from the other parts. The best feature of this edition may be the large, presbyope-friendly bar numbers at the beginning of each line.

In addition to our practical musical editions, we also plan to make a selection of well-tested handouts from lectures, demonstrations, and workshop classes available here shortly in PDF form, in the hope that they may prove useful to other teachers or students. The odd music-historical essay, touching on the viol or its repertoire, and perhaps a journal offprint or two may also be expected to appear in due course.