In the Press

Our memorable yet easily pronounceable name got dropped in the lead paragraph when Geoffrey Clarfield interviewed arch-lutenist (and archlutenist) Pat O’Brien, he of the New York Continuo Collective and the Juilliard School faculty, for an article on “Early Music: That Other Music Revival” in that admirable arts-‘n’-politics-‘n’-culture rag, The Brooklyn Rail. We puzzled a bit over the name of the article until we noticed Mr. Clarfield’s affiliation mentioned at the very bottom of the page: he’s at the Alan Lomax Archive, where he is presumably immersed in the ethos of the Folk Revival on a daily basis. Oh, THAT other revival! We get it. We incline to think that with a bit more digging, he might have found similar sentiments underpinning the historical beginnings of both revivals. Well, some fans and even some practitioners do manage still to follow both camps, or so we hear…

You can read more about us (and less about Pat) in articles from the Montclair Times and from the Glen Ridge Voice.

Our press release for March 4, 2012 has additional details, as well as contact information; a brief history of the ensemble and its performance, teaching, and outreach activities; and brief bios of the consort members.

Reporter Kathleen O’Brien’s profile of consort founder Roland Hutchinson for the Star-Ledger might also be of interest.